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Rui Terroso - CEO |

We donate 1 meal for each tour participant

The best reason to launch a corporation is to have a meaning: to create a product or service that makes this world a better place, which we deliver daily to our guests within our unique and authentic experience


The company's purpose is beyond strict commercial and financial exchange.


To develop a business is to be able to clearly explain the essence and the purpose to be on this planet. A pursuit for the meaning of something greater. The reason for the company's mission: to leave a personal legacy on the planet.


The businesses which influence with their mark, best feint crises, have a more solid reputation are those seeking for something more than just making a profit. Businesses with a major cause.


We Livingtourians, believe in this principle and are Conscious Capitalism devotees, who have our social cause 1 for 1:

LivingTourians Together for a cause – 1 for 1


For each traveller in our Tours we donate a meal to the homeless and needy in the cities of Porto and Lisbon, cities where we operate our Tours and where this social scourge is most flagrant.


This cause is carried out in partnership with three Portuguese social associations dedicated to social assistance to local communities in need:


Each month we donate the sum of a meal for each traveller in our tours.


This is our major cause, for which we strive and work daily.

We will not end hunger in Portugal but will play our part and work for a bigger purpose and such noble cause.

Saint Teresa of Calcutta said:

"If each one of us sweeps the sidewalk in front of his house, at the end of the day the street will be clean"

There are at least 300 thousand people starving in Portugal.


This is the number of Portuguese who are still starving and unable to have enough food for living. Food is the basis of everything for us to survive, work, study, think, grow, dream, smile, have initiatives … Without food we can´t have anything else!


In the view of this scenario, we decided to do our piece to minimize the effects of starvation and together fight for a better life for all and that is how our life project is born: LivingTourians together for a cause.




LivingTourians together for a cause - our Community Transformation Project

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