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Street Art Route in Lisbon

Lisbon is known for many reasons, from the emblematic history that makes it the city it is today, to the monuments that are visited by very tourists, however, begins to notice an increase in the demand for the Street Art.

If you are a fan of Street Art and want to avoid the queues of several museums, Living Tours will present you with a route in Lisbon.

Urban art in Portugal was a type of art that was once rejected by most people, however, this art gained some respect with the help of various national artists.

Urban art is represented in many ways, graffitistencils (technique used to apply the drawing, can be a number, letter, or a figurative image), stickersinterventionsinstallations (contemporary artistic manifestations that are elements organized in an environment, this type of art can be moved and implemented in another space), flash mobs, among others.

Statue of PichiAvo

Pichi & Avo are two Spanish artists who try to combine two types of art: Urban and Classical.

This mix of colors, inspiration, and talent can be seen at the Calçada de Santa Apolónia nº69. The style of these Spaniards is known for the careful design but with rough brush strokes. This mural was made under an exhibition called "Versus" at the Underdogs Gallery.

street art lisbon

Big Trash Animals // Bordalo II

Bordalo has the feat of turning trash into art and spreads it on walls throughout the city.

Antique bicycle tires, plastic pieces, computer keyboard, sheet metal, waste bins, cans, cardboard, metals, and glass, are organized and shaped to form the structure of the animal. From here, the painting process begins.

This artist uses recurring technical images so that the physiognomy of the animals is faithful.

For us, this is a wake-up call and criticism of society over recent years as well as an alert for the extinction of some species with the destruction of their ecosystems.

The raccoon can be seen on a wall of the Centro Cultural de Belém, the monkey is located in the artist's studio (Rua de Xabregas 49) and the frog on Rua da Manutenção.

graffiti art in lisbon

Breaking Bad // Odeith

Sérgio is the first name of this artist better known as OdeithSérgio Odeith. He is an artist known internationally for perspectives painted on different surfaces such as building corners or wall to the floor. This work has nothing to do with perspectives and shadows but rather with your favorite series.

This mural is present at Rua Dr. Francisco Sousa Tavares. All the work is spray-painted without any other technique (there are artists who resort to the use of projectors). The mural is sixteen meters long and four meters high and took four days to complete.

lisbon street art guide

Sidewalk Amália Rodrigues // Vhils

Alexandre Farto - Vhils - is responsible for creating the face of Amália Rodrigues in the typical Portuguese Calçada. The work was produced in four months where the awards also have to be given, to the "calceteiros" (men who do the pavements of the Portuguese sidewalk) who have been part of this work for four weeks.

This material was chosen by the artist to value the artistic side of the Portuguese sidewalk and the profession of "calceteiros".

This urban art form was presented on July 2, 2015, and is part of the album cover "Amália, Voices of Fado".

The work can be seen in between the stop number twelve of the tram on Rua de São Tomé and Rua dos Cegos.

street art walking tour in lisbon

Mural Tiles // André Saraiva

André Saraiva is known as Mr. A or Monsieur André, an author who already has a large number of works where these have been exhibited in several museums and art galleries around the world.

This mural can be seen in Jardim Botto Machado (next to the Flea Market). With 188 meters of length, 1011 square meters of area and precisely 52,738 tiles this mural is a "reinterpretation" of the city of Lisbon presented here through the colors, drawings, and the tiles.

As background, the artist placed the sky and the river Tagus. Monuments such as the Castle of São JorgePadrão dos DescobrimentosPraça de Touros do Campo Pequeno, Santa Justa Elevator and other important landmarks of other European cities can also be seen.

street art itinerary lisbon

Street Art is spread all over the city. A project called Street2target has been developed where you can see all the art spots of the city on a map through your smartphone or computer.

This route is an example of the many others that you can find. If you are a fan of street art we have a lot more for you, we will show you the most amazing places on a walking tour, or in a tuk-tuk or a buggy!

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