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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Learn from mistakes and be cautious of overconfidence

1.  Making mistakes is part of the process. Both good and bad are part of the equation for success.


There are no direct paths in the business world and in personal development. Challenges make life exciting and overcoming them gives us meaning.


2. Mistakes are good because I think most learning comes from making mistakes and reflecting on them.


Deception means that you are trying and trying something is always a gain because it is experience, even if it does not go well at first. When we learn to walk, we also fall many times until we can finally do it. This is perhaps the first great teaching of human nature.


It is worth it because mistakes are the basis of learning, and learning is the basis for doing things better, and doing things better is to be closer to our goals. Without mistakes and learning, nothing magical happens in life.


A successful business culture accepts mistakes, but it is unacceptable not to identify, analyse and learn from them. Innovative minds make mistakes. It is important to learn how to love our mistakes. Learn from them and change course after analysing them.



3.  I learned there is nothing to fear from the Truth. Failure is largely due to not successfully accepting or dealing with the truths of life.


And what means truth? Recognize mistakes, be honest about our weaknesses, be transparent in our opinions and never hide existing problems.


Only from this attitude is it possible to amend, correct, reinforce, and improve. The reverse stops us, slows us down and wears us out.



In the short term, we can move on, but lying to yourself is expanding failure, because truth always appears and, as a rule, when we have little room to react.


4. We must be cautious with overconfidence and be comfortable with the unknown


The most important attribute that differentiates successful people from those who are not is the ability to learn and adapt.


Trust can lead to failure when it is not managed in a timely manner and becomes arrogance.


Market circumstances are changing more and more quickly, and this should lead us to be cautious.


Knowing you do not know leads us to questioning, compensate for absences, continue to study, or ask for help, all of which are essential questions to keep you in the limelight.



As Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, used to say:

“The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to think every afternoon that you can do better the next day.”


With success it is always necessary to be cautious because victory faints and nobody is free from its effects. The greater the success, the greater the modesty must be.

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