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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Adversity, leadership and motivation management

1.  Creativity is developed with an intension, if there is something you want and where you put passion, in time you will learn to do it.


Often, the lack of results in life is not due to the lack of skills - learning is always within reach - but to the feeling the goals we want are beyond our reach.


Our beliefs about who we are and the possibilities we have affect our whole lives unless we are aware of them and change.


All real changes begin when you improve your self-concept.


From my experience, many times when I presented the Living project to an operator at an international trade show for example, at the beginning, many ignored me, despised me and said they have no interest, or had a partner and were not interested in adding new offer!


Sufficient reasons to give up on the project and the business idea, when it does not yet exist, and no one believes in it.


With this, I never gave up I spoke to myself, I do not give up, I still have many other opportunities ahead of me, and I progressed to other operators or partners, and after convincing others, I returned to those who rejected me and tried again until I managed to establish the partnership.


Some lasted for days, months and years, but never left my list of goals to achieve.



  1. Leadership cannot be the exclusive patrimony of a single person, but of each of the members of the organization, who, in the performance of their role, turns out to be the most important person.


The concept of leadership has been manipulated and is often associated with a status of power. Being at the head of a team is an ongoing exercise of responsibility and commitment to members and results.


The true essence of leadership is the vocation to serve because a leader is nothing without the people who make everything happen. A leader's mission is to create better conditions for the team to have maximum performance.


Throughout these 16 years, Living Tours ’existence is due to the work performed by all Livingtourians, who have done their best on each working day and in each role performed for the common good of the corporation.


It was thanks to the commitment and dedication of all that we managed to get here, and we expect to continue to take our purpose and our cause even further.


  1. Our culture

Culture is a system of values that guides our behaviors, and it is crucial in any group, because when the same values are shared, harmony becomes easier, joining forces, rowing in the same direction and being constructive.


When the same values are not shared, and each goes in its own direction, conflicts and disputes are guaranteed.


It is possible to build an organization based on trust. Like a rugby team, in which each player has his place on the field, the big, the tall, the fat, the small, the fast, the strong and, among all, we formed an organization chart, like a rainbow where all colors complement each other, diversity enriches the group.


Only when the world shares the same values is it possible to build something strong and lasting.


  1. In situations of uneasiness, communication is decisive. We must talk a lot. When there is no dialogue, many conflicts and resentments are generated.


We take things for granted that are not true, which affects relationships. In addition, we often have an excessive reliance on the approval of others, and this causes a lot of dissatisfaction.


Misunderstandings are resolved through communication, there is no other option. If there is something you don't like or feel bad about, you have to say it. Likewise, if you want something, you must also ask for it.


It is as simple as that, no matter how hard it is to understand and put it into practice. Failure to do so creates complicated tensions to manage.


We play many roles that go against our values and principles and this produces great dissatisfaction. Inconsistency produces a huge void. We are not machines.


  1. True leadership is action. The only thing that produces results in life are actions. Leadership must be by example.



It is not genius who has the ideas - we all have ideas and they are many - but who takes them forward.


Leadership is to be an example. It is not necessary to say what must be done, but to do it and add what is missing. If there is a lack of confidence, I must trust my team, if there is no joy, I have to be happy. This is what all leaders should do, serve as an example, action and attraction. It is not a matter of saying, but tacking action.


Peter Drucker stated:

“The basics of leadership is credibility. Nobody follows your technique, they follow you, your message and the personification of the message”.


Any individual who aspires to be considered a leader must be proactive and always be ahead of the curve to set the stage. Otherwise, you will lack what is essential, which is the much-needed credibility to manage teams and businesses.



  1. With love, nothing is impossible.


Whoever puts love in what he does becomes the happiest person in the world, and he will still be paid to do what he likes.


In addition, the person feels free, without fear of making pictures and admits mistakes naturally and easily. Living Tours is a story of Love and Passion.


Leadership is based on love and respect; the leader must identify people's needs and satisfy them.


For that, it is mandatory to be sensitive to the human being, detach oneself from sovereignty, arrogance and superiority, which is what currently prevails, and put goodwill and honesty into practice.




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