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Livingtourianos with Wings - João Moreira

In Portugal there is the expression “Prata da Casa” House’s Silver, which means the best we have. João personifies that expression. But in your case it is “Diamante” (Diamond) da Casa.

He joined Living Tours to occupy the role of driver, but quickly, through his professionalism, loyalty, competence and personality, he started to acquire more responsible functions, evolving to manager of the entire Living Tours fleet.

João has a calm appearance, which gives us tranquility and everyone constantly praises his friendliness and politeness.

Like Livingtouriano, he has a high patriotic feeling and loves Portugal, its history, geography, gastronomy and traditions, but his passion is to travel and discover new destinations.

Are we going to travel a little with João?

Where are you from? Tell us a little about your city or region!

I am from the Minho region, Braga district, more specifically from the city of Esposende. It is north of the city of Porto, about 46 km away. Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, in addition the municipality of Esposende with about 17 km of maritime extension, is the only municipality in the district of Braga that has an ocean front. People of customs linked to the sea, Esposende is also gifted by the mouth of the Cávado River, where this national river flows into. Locality with gastronomic customs, from the fish, more specifically the lamprey, which despite being increasingly scarce in the river these days, it is still a much appreciated delicacy, as well as all the fish and seafood caught in these waters. The same can be said of the little clears of Fão, where vacationers, occasional visitors, or simply locals line up to take this chila jam. Nature town, alias the slogan of this town is "Esposende, a privilege of nature" and in fact from the sea, river and mountain, Esposende is part of the national ecology network, where it has its natural park on the north coast, of which all esposendenses are proud.

Esposende has been more and more, a city also turned to tourism, where mainly in the summer we can find many nationalities, and where the bet on local accommodation is more and more a reality, that besides gastronomy, nature, you can also find some Activities that the municipality provides, such as Kit surf, since it is a very windy area, attracts lovers of the sport from all corners of the world, as well as surfing and equestrian art. In short, it is a beautiful city to live in, more active in summer, but more cozy in winter.

When did you join the Living Tours family and what is your role?

I joined Livingtours in March 2017 as a transferist. I currently perform the functions of fleet manager.

Why Living Tours? And why Tourism?

Livingtours emerged at a time when I was unemployed, and like thousands of people in this country, send your curriculum through the offers that appear. When I received the call to attend the interview, I just had the idea that it would be the vacancy for transfer agent. After an interview conducted and explained the entire coverage area of ​​Livingtours and the project that was being launched, I was offered the role of transferist, which I accepted promptly.

Throughout the first times I got used to the structure of this company, as well as the work that was developed, the human resources involved, and how it cost, and it costs for this whole machine every day to roll.

To say that Livingtours chose me is very pretentious of me, because in reality I only interviewed one candidate, but thankfully it was so, because all the work I do in the company fills me up completely, I go every day in order to do more and better and leave there with a feeling of mission accomplished, if at the end of the day this journey that I set out to stay halfway through or I think it could improve, I already know that it will be a bad night's sleep, and Livingtours is like that, everyone tries their best, there is a spirit of cooperation, delivery and professionalism, all of which makes Livingtours a unique company to work for, which then translates into the excellence of its services.

So I just have to thank Livingtours for all the opportunities they give me, and work even harder so that it stays on top. Being me in the best tourism company where I could be, why choosing tourism is the challenging result that each day imposes on us, tourism for me before was either going on vacation or seeing a group of people visiting our monuments, today Livingtours answers me why I entered this area, being the company's hallmark excellence, the well-being of those who visit us, the well-being, quality of information, the recognition of our work at the end of the day, tell me that our overcoming, commitment, makes this area of ​​tourism, the satisfaction of our customers is very visible and stamped on their faces, hence being in tourism.

How is your work day?

My work day, starts every day at 5:20 am, is the time I set foot, take public transport and arrive at Livingtours every day between 6:45 am and 6:50 am. I deal with logistical issues of opening the company, and then either I leave immediately if I have work outside or I do some checks on the vehicles that were used at night. I carry out the maintenance of the vans, checks when the vehicles arrive from the tours, I take all notes of the parameters defined in their proper functioning. At the end of the day, I check if all the vans have arrived, I plan for the next day, confirm that everything is closed and give my day as finished. Every day is different, from one moment to the next everything can change, and I have to be ready to respond to all the situations that appear, changing the planning I had done for the day several times.

What are your hobbies, how do you like to spend your free time?

My free time, actually, is spent in a calm way, without much ado, but watching a good movie, listening to music, being in the company of the family, and having a good dinner with friends.

How many countries have you traveled so far?

8 countries.

Of all of them, what was your favorite trip and the one that most marked you and why?

The trip that I liked the most and marked me the most was a trip that allowed me to visit 3 different countries, Mexico, Cayman Islands and Cuba, it was a cruise in the Caribbean, a fantastic trip that gave me to absorb a lot, from culture, natural beauty and completely different social realities, from the Cayman Islands where everything is sumptuous, from buildings, high-end shops, to boats anchored in the marina, to Havana, where social contrasts are very pronounced, and here I come to this answer where I indicate the one that most impressed me was Cuba, namely Havana. I consider it a beautiful city, full of colonial features, its cars once top of the range in the United States but now serving Cubans, people waiting to buy food with passwords, poverty in the surrounding neighborhoods, highways full of holes with animals in the middle of them, a country with immense contrasts and abysmal needs, but whenever I looked at people, they had a friendly smile towards me.

Cuba I will return !!!

What is the best experience / tour you had on a trip?

I don't know if it was the best, but one of the most striking was undoubtedly when I volunteered at the world youth meeting in Germany. Not because of the rewarding experience of volunteering, but because of what I got to know from the city of Bonn, Dusseldorf, but because of the reception and welcome I had. I stayed at the home of a German family where they gave me food, overnight, I ate with them and all this without them speaking a word in English ... it was not easy, but it was fun and fantastic!

What is your dream trip? And what experience are you looking for on that trip?

I am of the opinion that there is no dream trip because there are many dream places, and interesting to visit, I believe that there are places that can attract us more than others, there is a trip that I would like to do, which is to go to the island of St .Marteen in the Caribbean, like all islands in the Caribbean, has a very good climate, idyllic beaches, but this island in particular, has a beach which is Maho beach which is placed at the back of the airport, where the planes to land pass a few meters from our head. For an airplane aficionado like me, this experience puts St. Marteen at the top of the trip. However I must say that there are more destinations that I would like to visit, we are an open book.

What is the best company on a trip for you? with friends, partner, family or alone? It's because?

Girlfriend, who is now a wife because the sharing is greater and is always recorded in the memory of our existence as a couple. Traveling in a group is complicated, sometimes satisfying all tastes is an arduous task and can even lead to some discomforts that can mark that trip.

Cultural destination, beach or nature? And what activities do you like to do?

A little bit of everything, we can enjoy a little bit of everything in every place we go, if they can offer us a wide range of offers, why not try a little bit of everything, in the end I like to go hiking and get to know the not so touristy places of the place where I am, preferably sitting on a terrace drinking a beer and watching the city's movements.

If you could travel back in time, when would you travel and why?

I would travel to the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, a man of strong beliefs, well-established goals, defender of causes. Loved by many, hated by others, but life is still like that, I see myself at the time that he lived and commanded the destinies of a country because he fought for rights and tried to equal social imbalances and balance a policy of oppression. Another reason is the excellent strategist he was and the demand and discipline he demanded. He tried to conquer the world, but he died alone.

What's the best gastronomic experience you've had on a trip?

In fact, gastronomy has never been the motto to travel, far from it, if I have a guacamole, nachos, sushi, or any other dish characteristic of some place in front of me and if there is a nail in the menu, I go for the nail, I play for insurance. Unless you are at the bodeguita del medio in Havana, drinking a mojito and eating a typical Cuban sande, this is a gastronomic experience! If you consider a gastronomic experience on a trip, but within Portugal, yes, from a good rocket in Sta. Marta do Portuzelo or a good place in Gimonde, that will satisfy me!

What form of transport do you like most to travel? Car, train or plane? Why?

The most efficient plane, of course, and the one that fascinates me the most, but the one that gives me the most pleasure in traveling is the car, this is because when you are traveling by car, we mark the times, the routes, thus increasing the range of places that if we were in another form of transport we would not be able to observe.

What is your favorite place to visit in Portugal or Spain, why recommend it?

I recommend Geres or the Azores, Geres in Vilarinho das furnas, I could recommend another place in Geres, but this one especially because it is a very calm place, a spectacular natural beauty (it is necessary to walk in the middle of the forest) and because for a good adventurous, walking on trails, going up rivers and enjoying hidden but magical places, Geres has it in abundance! The Azores, in particular S. Miguel, because everything that this island provides us is fantastic, both in the middle of the countryside, when 5 minutes later we are in the middle of a caldera, we climb a bit and we have a stunning view of the ocean, it makes the Azores in a very diverse offer, which I totally recommend.

Visit Gerês from Porto with Living Tours: https://www.livingtours.com/pt/tour/passeio-geres-cascatas-com-almoco

For you, what is the dish, drink and experience that nobody should miss when visiting Portugal or Spain?

I will suggest in Portugal. As in all countries we also have our traditions, in gastronomy, it stood out from fish, seafood, to sausages and cheeses, stews, stews, francesinhas, snails, that is, it encompassed everything we have to offer, a little bit of each region. The wine, the Alentejo, is personally the best wine we have in Portugal.

At the level of experience, why not go to the top of the Junias in Montalegre, glimpse the waterfall, enjoy the local cuisine and all the scenic beauty surrounding it. Culminating rafting on the river Tâmega, top!!

What is your favorite Living Tours experience / tour and why?

In fact there are many experiences already lived at Livingtours, I did the tours made with the greatest skill and professionalism of the guides and they are all fantastic, but perhaps the greatest experience I have at Livingtours is the one I have when a customer is afraid he will arrive at time at the airport and I try to calm down, if you have any doubts and I try to get them out, if you feel like talking to me and asking me things, feeling that at the end of a transfer people thank you, ask to take pictures with you , give you two kisses or a hug, or help an older couple to go down the stairs of the Campanhã train station and in the end you feel that sincere thanks, that for me is a unique experience. Do not confuse this feeling in search of personal well-being with gratification, which people may or may not give. Great and good experiences that I want to have again!


Thank you João for your contribution and we look forward to sharing your experience of your next trip!

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