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Donate 0,5% of your IRS tax to O Joãozinho institution. Vat number 501 941 060




We suggest and inspire Livingtourians and the public in general, to support “Joãozinho's cause”,  through the IRS tax consignment and donate free of charge 0.5% of the paid IRS tax to the organization: Associação Humanitária - “Um Lugar para o Joãozinho” (http://www.joaozinho.pt/).


This Association has a noble action: obtain financing for the construction of the new Pediatric Area of the Centro Hospitalar de São João, in Porto.

The purpose is to contribute, for the benefit of children and young people admitted to the Hospital de São João, namely for the protection of health and treatment of oncological and other diseases.

Instead of the fate of the IRS tax being a decision of the State alone, your decision of donating 0,5% is shared by the State itself to the cause of the Humanitarian Association – “Um Lugar para o Joãozinho”.



This measure is absolutely free for all taxpayers and, in addition to becoming a relevant financial support mechanism for the institution, entidade um lugar para o Joãozinho (a place for Joãozinho), it stimulates and optimizes the involvement of citizens with the national public benefit entity - A place for Joãozinho, a pride for all supporters of this cause.

How to do it? Fill out the field 1101 of model 3

Check that your option is correctly marked in your Income Tax Form 3, Table 11, Field 1101 and do not forget to include Joãozinho's VAT number (510941060) or to mark the fields with an X.

Caso tenha IRS Automático, no momento da confirmação da declaração, não se esqueça de assinalar a caixa que indica que pretende consignar 0,5% do seu IRS, bem como incluir o NIF do Joãozinho 510 941060.

If you have Automatic IRS tax fill, when confirming the statement, do not forget to check the box that indicates you intend to donate 0.5% of your IRS Tax, as well as include Joãozinho's VAT number (510 941060).




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