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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Growth is a survival tool

If there is no growth, the business dies. Whoever is not growing is dying.


A business, like anyone, is designed to grow, improve, evolve.


When that spirit is lost, the business starts to languish, to lose energy, to stagnate or to settle.


In this life, those who do not move ahead, move back. There is no middle ground. It is not possible to stay in the same situation.



Competition improves and gains ground with each passing day and new ideas appear. All this forsees a threat to market share.


With no philosophy of growth, whether product, service, market, or any other aspect, it is difficult for a company to survive.


My position has been, since the beginning, of a full dedication to work, together with a maximum requirement.



I have never been nor am I happy with what I do, and I have always tried to encourage that in everyone around me.


It is the Kaizen philosophy: continuing improvement. Put all the meat in the roaster. Give the soul for a project.


Behind any success, there is a lot of strength and ability for sacrifice, although often, in the eyes of others, things seem to be a matter of luck or something similar.




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