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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Great leaders are open and present

Above all else, good leaders are open. They go from top to bottom and go through all the corners of their organizations to reach people. They don't stay on the established channels. They are informal. They are direct with people. They make it accessible for them to become a faith. This is the principle I believe in and put into practice every day at Living Tours.


You cannot lead from distance, between four walls, established in the office without contact with people, hidden in a den. You must be a leader or a head who practices GAC - Get your ass out of your chair and understand how things are on the ground.


Leadership is a make contact sport. The leader is permanently around his team, inspiring them, sharing his vision and his projects, asking for opinions, and sharing it with them.



Good or bad communication is what causes personal relationships to flow or stagnate.


Without communication there is no leadership. For this reason, a boss, manager, or leader must not only be accessible, but must also be the one who makes himself available to his own. If dialogue does not arise, it is your duty to generate it.


This is a practice established at Living Tours since always, I as CEO make sure of greeting every morning all the teams and one by one.


Understand your projects, exchange ideas with each member of each team, how the projects are on the agenda, how it was the day before, and so on.


It is through these behaviors that I absorb many daily insights and learn every day with each member of the various departments and the various projects in progress.



In addition, and whenever I can, I try to experience the tours and activities, to be close to people, our customers, associates and partners in the day-to-day operation, as well as to visit the front and back offices frequently.


Talk to people, understand the real problems of the organization from the person giving the face for the company, to our guests who are our customers and the reason for our existence.


The 4 Marketing P´s we perform at Living Tours are:

  1. People;
  2. People;
  3. People;
  4. People.


People are infinite resources of knowledge, energy, and emotions.


Living Tours leaders share the tripod of principles:

  • Believe in our people;
  • Happiness at work;
  • Building of a company made of owners.

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