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Art and culture
Rita Costa |

Gracia Festival in Barcelona: the greatest one!

The Gracia Festival in Barcelona is considered the biggest street festival and we have a lot to tell you! They take place between August 15 and 21, in Barrio Gràcia, which gets covered in immense colors, patterns, and dressings. For a week, the streets are filled with people, music, and an incredible bohemian feeling.

The concept is simple: every street in the neighborhood disputes to be the street with the best decoration. Now you get it: the lights and themes are as original as possible, once the inhabitants take the competition very seriously!

gracia festival barcelona

In the Fiesta Mayor de Gracia, you can always find the traditional parades of typical "characters" of Catalonia: the Grossos Caps (giant heads), the Dracs (dragons), the Castellers (human towers), the Bastoners (the famous dances with sticks ), the Grallers (groups of flute players) and the Correfoc (groups of people masked of demons and dragons, who run, jump and dance with fireworks!). Feel the true soul of Barcelona in its most traditional party!

gracia festival barcelona

For those who love to eat and drink well during street events, do not worry! In the Festival de Gracia there are innumerable barracks with delicious food, tapas, snacks and drinks for all tastes. Also, take advantage of the activities for the whole family: championships, workshops, sports, and concerts. The Festival de Gracia is a hand full of everything: an explosion of creativity, energy, and humor.

If you are in Barcelona these days, visit the Barrio Gràcia and live its Fiesta Mayor. If you still do not have your trip marked, hurry up! It is a very sought after the festival and adored by thousands of people from all over the world.

We guarantee that it will be one of the best experiences of your life!

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