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8 Food experiences you should have in Spain

Spain does not need introductions when we talk about gastronomy. Although Spanish cuisine varies greatly from region to region, there are ingredients and side dishes that the Spanish do not dispense, such as olive oil and a bottle of good wine. “Gastronomically” speaking, it is impossible to leave this country without being satisfied!

Market visit and Spanish cooking class in Barcelona

Huuum! Freshness is in the air, yes, it is the markets of Barcelona that present us daily freshest products. That's why part of your itinerary in Spain is eating well! It is a tradition in Barcelona to eat in the city markets, in all there are 40 markets around the city. Enjoy the most trendy markets in Barcelona. Even more interesting would be to visit these markets with a local chef! Together with him, you can learn to select the best products and enjoy the smells that cross the space from one corner to another. But looking and not tasting is not enough. Calm down, these fresh ingredients have been selected to prepare a delicious Spanish meal, paella!

barcelona markets

Barcelona Chocolate and Candies Tour

Many of these famous Barcelona markets bring "the icing on the cake"! We are talking about the most varied sweets, a perdition for any sweet tooth. Taste goodies with the purest cocoa and the most typical sweets of Spain.

la boqueria chocolates

Taste churros in Madrid

Don't you know what churros are? Well, the main concern is to make sure you taste it! You can't leave Madrid without bite this sweet. But calm down first, you will dip the churro in hot chocolate for the best sensory experience ever! Believe us, they are very good indeed!

churros madrid

Wine, tapas, and ham in Madrid

Tapas are perhaps Spain's best-known snack, wherever you go, there's a sign indicating where you can taste it. But this tour will not only allow to taste the best tapas in Madrid, but also the best wines and the best ham! Yes, the Spanish people owns many "jamonerías", you will probably lose your head. By the way, are you aware of the differences between Iberian ham and Serrano?

ham tasting madrid

Visit a typical farm in Valencia with paella lunch

It is so good to escape the hustle and bustle of cities and take refuge in the comfort of the countryside. This is what this tour is all about, enjoying nature and of course, food! Explore the vast farmland, traditional orchards, and get the chance to ride a traditional carriage! It will be in these fields that we will harvest all the ingredients needed to prepare the famous paella. Yes, because paella is originally from Valencia, there is no better place to taste this gastronomic delight!

farmhouse valencia

Visit the Chufa fields in Valencia

We continue through Valencia and the countryside, but this time we will find chufa plantations! With multiple properties and nutritional values, the chufa planted here has the Designation of Qualified Origin of Valencia. And it is through the chufa that arises the Horchata! The most typical drink in the Valencia region,  ideal for hot days since it' s quite refreshing!

chufa valencia

Cooking classes in Tenerife and at a professional chef's house

Here the Spanish food goes through the hands of a true chef who will open the doors of his house to introduce you to various Spanish flavors accompanied by fine wines. If you want a dining experience that ends like a dinner with friends, this activity is for you!

Experiencias gastronomicas Tenerife

Pintxos tasting through the city of San Sebastián

Eating real pintxos is in the Basque Country, you know why? Because this gastronomic relic had born here. San Sebastián has been distinguished by its great gastronomic offer and the creativity that typical pintxos have gained over the years. Because we all know that eyes eat too! Get to know the history of gastronomy in the Basque country through a local guide and finally realize the differences between pintxos and tapas!

pintxos san sebastian

The final question arises: where to start?

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