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Catarina Figueirinha |

The best Douro Valley vineyards and wineries

Although we think the Douro valley requires no introductions, it’s never enough to underline its importance. It’s in this UNESCO site that borns the famous Port wine and where you will find the best Portuguese wineries. However, the list of wineries is endless and it only makes sense to spend time visiting the best ones, so let’s talk about the top Douro Valley vineyards and wineries, shall we? 

First, you should know how to get to Douro Valley. You can take a train from Porto to Pinhão or Régua, join a Douro Valley day trip or a cruise. These are the most common ways to get to Douro Valley, although you can always discover the Douro by car, be aware that is an area that we always recommend to be explored in a company of an expert guide, but that's up to you!

Douro Valley vineyards and wineries - The best ones!

Be aware that reservations are required.

Quinta da Roeda

Right in at the heart of Douro Valley, in Pinhão, you will find Quinta da Roeda. This lovely wine estate is a property of Croft, one of the most exquisite Port wines houses. Founded in 1588, is believed that it is the oldest brand still active as a Port wine producer. Therefore, Quinta da Roeda owns some of the oldest Douro valley vineyards that can be seen by you during the walk included in the winery tour. Needless to say, Quinta da Roeda surroundings are amazing! The winery provides to its visitors a big tasting room with an aisle of displays depicting their history and where you can also purchase its Port wines. We suggest the Mixology experience which includes three wines tastings:  Croft Pink Cocktail, Croft Late Bottled Vintage 2010, Croft Tawny 10-Year-Old. In Quinta da Roeda, you can also have a picnic experience, find more information here!

douro valley vineyards quinta da roeda

Quinta do Bomfim

This lovely winery is owned and run by the 4th and 5th generations of the Symington Family. This family also owns four of the leading port houses, Graham’s, Dow’s, Warre’s and Cockburn’s. Its close proximity to the Pinhão railway station is an added bonus for those who reach this area by train, becoming an even bigger surprise on the inside! This winery is absolutely amazing, providing you stunning views to the valley and offering you a spacious tasting room and a luxury terrace. You will have also the chance of discovering the most advanced techniques of Port production as well as the different stages of it. This visit includes the tasting of one port wine and two white wines.

douro valley vineyards quinta do bomfim

Quinta do Seixo

Quinta do Seixo is a Sandeman winery, a brand founded in London, and therefore, well-known in the UK. Always creative, Sandeman designed a mysterious figure from a mixed result between the Portuguese student’s cape and the Jerez sombrero, known as Sandeman Don. This famous figure has become one of the most iconic in the wine industry! Surprise, surprise, your guide in Quinta do Seixo may look like Sandeman Don! 
Although this one of the most traditional wine estates in the Douro Region, this is also a pleasant surprise for architecture lovers. The tasting room is absolutely beautifully decorated with modern elements and, needless to say, the views are lovely since this winery is on top of a very high hill! Two Port wines tastings are included.

douro valley vineyards quinta do seixo

Quinta do Panascal

Unlike the others, Quinta do Panascal offers a self-guided tour with audio, a plus to who don’t want to wait in line to be guided. This is a quiet and much less crowded than the other wineries, which produces the exquisites Port wines Fonseca. The staff of Quinta do Panascal recommends doing a walk through the winery and the vineyards during the audio tour. You will see this is not a stressful walk and the information provided by the audio guide is relevant without getting too technical. You will walk along with the wine estate and get a detailed description of what you see around you. Another great thing is that this winery is good value for money since you can taste four wines for only EUR 10.

douro valley vineyards quinta do panascal

If you are lucky enough to be visiting the Douro Valley during harvest (September), we recommend you to be part of this experience. Discover how you can have a harvest experience in Douro Valley!

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