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Catarina Figueirinha |

Top Douro river cruises from Porto

You know what they say, visiting Portugal without seeing the Douro is like going to Rome and do not see the Pope, so the Douro is a must! But with so many options, it can become a difficult task to choose only one. What about a Douro river cruise from Porto? We’re in! Let’s check the best cruises to spend a day, or more, in the middle of the oldest wine region recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site!


Douro river cruises from Porto, these are the best ones!


One day Douro river cruise

You can choose to start this activity by train or by boat. These Douro river cruises are basically a combination of train and boat experience, so you will have the opportunity of seeing Douro Valley from two different perspectives. This journey can extend to Régua, Pinhão or Barca D'Alva.

What is the main difference between these three destinations?

Cruise Porto - Régua

You already know that you need to choose the way of departure. This is probably the most popular Douro cruise. Régua or, Peso da Régua, was the connecting point of the production and transport of the famous Port wine, playing a fundamental role regarding the export process of this drink. This is the main reason to be the most popular destination of the Douro Valley. So, you can count on the most amazing landscapes of vineyards!

If you choose to start your Douro river cruise by train be aware that it only includes lunch, but if you choose to start by boat it includes the lunch and also the breakfast on board. But these aren't the only differences between the two. 

Since the day trip starts in São Bento Railway Station, we recommend you sit on the right-hand side of the train to get the best views over the Douro river. When you reach Régua, you will get on board and cross the Douro dam with the highest level of unevenness (35 meters), Carrapatelo Dam! It's an incredible feeling, believe us!  Although this is the dam with the greatest unevenness, it will not be the only one that you will cross, Crestuma is your next challenge!

If you choose to start your Douro river cruise by boat, you will embark on Vila Nova de Gaia Quay or Estiva Quay. As you get closer to the Douro Valley, you will able to enjoy breakfast and a lunch on board. This will be a marvelous experience since you’re in the middle of the river, gathering the perfect conditions to enjoy the whole landscape! Time to the cross the two dams: Crestuma and Carrapatelo!

Dams are very important to carry out these activities since they successfully tamed the Douro river from the dangerous rapids.

You also have this Douro cruise option with a visit to a wine estate included!

douro river cruises from porto regua

Cruise Porto - Pinhão

What about Pinhão? Why there are people that opt to do the cruise to Pinhão rather than Régua? Well, although Régua developed a very important role in the all Port wine trade, Pinhão is often called Douro’s heart. Why's that? Between Régua and Pinhão you will find more vineyards and more wineries, much of the Port wine production is concentrated here. Being seen as one of the most beautiful parts of Douro Valley. The difference in value between a cruise to Régua or Pinhão is no more than 10 euros, so if you are really interested in seeing this part of the Douro, the monetary difference is very small.

This activity departs always by boat and includes breakfast and lunch on board.

douro river cruises from porto pinhao

2 day Douro river cruise

One day is good, two days is great! You can choose to spend two days in this lovely valley, sounds good right? This trip from Porto has a destiny, Régua, and the journey always starts by boat, you can opt for returning by boat as well on the second day or by train. The overnight is not spent on board, the accommodation in a 4* hotel in the region. 

You can see more details here:

2 day Douro river cruise (round trip by boat)

2 day Douro river cruise (going by boat and returning by train)

What about Barca D’alva, you ask! No, we didn't forget. If the views are beautiful all the way to Régua and Pinhão, imagine until Barca D'Alva! Yeap, you probably will fall in love easily! It's paradise on earth, a very quiet town only 2km from the Spanish border. Here you can contemplate nature in its pure state and relax in a unique way. You feel like starting your Douro cruise today, don't you? We get it!

This 2 day trip departs by boat and the return is made by train. The breakfast and lunch are served on board and the accommodation is also in 4* hotel. So, could you ask for more?

douro river cruises from porto barca d alva

The further up the Douro Valley you get, the more overwhelming the views are! Remember, if you choose to do a Douro cruise you will make the way that old Rabelo boats used to carry the famous port wine to Porto. Shall we?

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