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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

Do not waste time to criticize

All criticism is a poor reflection of its own character.


The characteristic that best defines “professional losers” is to dedicate time to criticizing the lives of others.


Winning-minded people do not have time to criticize. They are focused on their goals and happiness. They do not look to the side.

Frustrated people, on the opposite, need to say bad things about others to justify their frustrations.



Whoever is well with his own life has no need to say anything bad about anyone.


At Living Tours, we privilege kindness, well-being, and true human relationships.


We depreciate the criticism and gossip of other people's life.


It is common in the corporate world to exist many examples of people who live in criticism, most of the time with personal frustrations which they drag into the professional environment.


We cannot forget when we criticize or point our index finger to someone, we have 3 fingers pointing at ourselves, telling us that we must question ourselves, before pointing the finger at anyone and making a judgment.




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