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The Living Tours Experience
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The Living Experience - Cátia Castro

Cátia is responsible for Living Tours' agencies in Porto. She has been with Living Tours since 2015, where she started with a professional internship, attending the public.

At the end of the internship, she remained at Living Tours, occupying a position in sales, and later, evolving into a booking agent.

With the company's growth and the opening of new spaces, in the need to have someone responsible for the Porto agencies, the choice was obvious, Cátia.

Cátia is professional, leader, confident and secure, calm and caring. She has an extraordinary empathy with her team, respect and trust, leading by example. It is a true Livingtourian!

She tells us her story that marks her experience at Living Tours:



The last time he came to the agency he showed us once again that he still had not managed to find his hotel despite being very close (Rua Sá da Bandeira). Through a voucher he showed us, we were able to detect through his name, that the client had a tour of Santiago de Compostela with us the next day.