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Marco Gonçalves |

How to experience the best of Seville's Culture

Alcázar of Seville

Alcázar of Seville it’s a royal palace which is composed of several buildings from different eras. Nowadays, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.

If you are a movie fan you will surely recognize this building from the movie, “Kingdom of Heaven”, this space in Seville has already been used to record some well-known films.

This building could be the best part of your day in Seville if you like to stroll in gardens. In the garden of Alcázar, you can find modern, Renaissance, and Arab elements.

Modern elements are present in the late 19th and 20th century, which makes the industrial revolution play an important role, not only in the new production processes but also in how to artist saw art. So, architects, decorators, among others, begin to worry about the functionality of art. The Arab and Renaissance elements are also influences, fruit of the historical past of this royal palace.

Cruise Trip in the Guadalquivir River

This river was a strategic point for the New World because it served as a port for ships that docked every day loaded with merchandise. No wonder, that the various buildings of the city have several architectural elements of people all over the world.

Nowadays the margins of the river are calmer and we recommend you to take a boat trip where you can see the first bridges built in the city of Seville.

Tapas in Seville

If you visit Seville you have to eat the famous tapas.

Tapas is a cultural manifestation that is reflected in the gastronomy of the Spanish people, usually the Spanish people prefer “tapas” than the dinner!

“Tapear” is something that happens in the Spanish culture, the “Tapas Bars” is where the local people meet at the end of a day’s work. Here, people live together, make friends, drink and eat tapas.

There are several stories about the origins of the name “tapa” but the closest to the reality is the one that says that King Alfonso XII asked for a glass of wine and suddenly a strong wind began and invaded the place where he was. To prevent dust and insects from entering the drink, the waiter put a slice of ham or in Spanish “Jamón” over the king’s cup so that it served as a “cap” or in Spanish “tampa”.

From that day the monarch liked it so much that he repeated, and the name eventually stayed.

Some examples of tapas:

  • Garlic bread with chorizo
  • Ham
  • Squid
  • Pimentos Padrón
  • Bravas Potatoes
  • Broken Eggs / Huevos Rotos

Flamenco Show

If you stay a few days in Seville take at least one day to see a Flamenco Show. Flamenco involves singing and dancing where Arab and Jewish influences can be found and it was early that it became one of the symbols of Spanish culture. Euphoria and sadness are emotions you can feel during a flamenco show. This type of dance communicates with hands (handclapping), many facial expressions, and the sound of the tap dance that is accompanied by a Spanish guitar.

In November of 2010, UNESCO declared flamenco one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity

We are sure, you will enjoy this experience full of emotions.

Plaza de San Lorenzo

Confusion is an unknown word in Seville, they live in a slow but intense way, and in this pedestrian square, you can stroll quietly in the morning while deciding where to have a great breakfast. For breakfast we recommend and American coffee and bread with tomato and ham, in “El Sardinero”.

Then, take the opportunity to visit this historic center of Seville where there is the Gothic Church of Saint Lawrence, as well as the Basilica of Jesus del Gran Poder.

After lunch takes a walk around the square and discovers the local cinema full of old charm. Enjoy also to eat the best croquets of Seville in "Casa Ricardo".

About 1km from this square there is also one of the most frequented discos of Seville, OBBIO. The décor of this space resembles a luxury boat from the ‘70s and to harmonize the music is from the ‘80s.

If you going out at night is part of your luggage, then OBBIO is one of the most fun places to have a good night.

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