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Catarina Figueirinha |

7 Beautiful Spanish Cathedrals you should visit

There are no doubts that Spain is a cathedral paradise, these sacred places are astounding here! For that reason, this country has plenty of options to look at, which makes the decision of which ones to visit more difficult, but we are here to help! Check our top cathedrals in Spain!

Seville Cathedral, the final resting place of Christopher Columbus 

Officially known as the Catedral de Santa María de la Sede, is the largest Gothic cathedral in Spain and is also the third-largest cathedral in the world. Due to the fact Seville was one of the Catholic kingdom’s predominant ports, those who were in charge of Cathedral construction decided to show its importance to outsiders through its magnitude. Like many famous buildings in Andalusia, the cathedral has Moors origins, being built over the remains of a mosque.
The highlights of Seville Cathedral are the Giralda, the mighty bell tower, the tomb of Christopher Columbus, and the Capilla Mayor

seville cathedral

Granada Cathedral, two centuries of construction

Like Seville Cathedral and other Andalusian buildings, Granada Cathedral was built on the site of a former mosque. The cathedral, originally intended to be constructed in Gothic style, went under numerous alternations, changing to a Renaissance layout. It takes more than 180 years to be finished and several architects were involved in its construction. It features an incredibly beautiful stained-glass cupola adorned with sculptures and paintings by Alonso Cano. Here, you can also find the Catholic Kings in kneeling position, sculpted by Pedro Mena and Madrazo. 

Granada Cathedral

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral, the last stop of a pilgrim’s route

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral is one of the most important sacred places in Spain. Its importance is closely linked to the fact of marks the end of Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route. This temple is obviously dedicated to Spain’s patron, saint Santiago. The first cathedral to stand on this site was constructed in the ninth century, after the tomb of St. James was discovered here in the 9th century. Destroyed by the Moors in 997, the cathedral was rebuilt beginning in 1075. Its original Romanesque façade was replaced in the 18th century by the Baroque one you see today.

Santiago de Compostela Cathedral

Toledo Cathedral, a place decorated by El Greco

This is another example of an old mosque turned in to a Christian church. Known as the Cathedral Primada Santa María de Toledo is an impressive example of medieval Gothic architecture. Inspired by the 13th-century French Gothic style, it also includes Mudejar and Renaissance influences. Many historic events have been hosted in the cathedral over the years, including the proclamation of Joanna the Mad and her husband, Philip the Handsome, as heirs to the throne of Spain. The cathedral is also decorated with awesome works of Velázquez, Goya and El Greco.

Toledo Cathedral

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar, the most iconic landmark in Zaragoza

The Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar is located in Zaragoza, where according to the legend, the Virgin Mary appeared to the Apostle St. James. Along with the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the Basílica del Pilar is one of the most important spiritual destinations in Spain. This monument is also the biggest baroque church in Spain and its beautiful architecture often reminds of Russian churches. This amazing Basilica is also famous for having paints of one of the most influential Spanish artists, Goya.

Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar Zaragoza

Cadiz Cathedral, the best view over the city

This amazing cathedral, decorated entirely in stone, took 116 years to be complete. Overall these years, the cathedral gains various architectural styles such as Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical. You can climb a steep spiraling ramp to the summit of the Torre de Poniente bell tower for panoramic views of Cádiz, its port and the sea, it deserves a visit! Here is also where the remains of Gaditano composer Manuel de Falla lie. 

Cadiz Cathedral

Ávila Cathedral, the first Gothic cathedral in Spain

Built in the 12th century, Avila’s Cathedral is the first Gothic cathedral in Spain! This amazing monument was built on a previous building dedicated to El Salvador and is integrated into the city walls. Being not only a cathedral but also a fortress to protect the city of Moorish invaders. The interior of Cathedral of Christ the Saviour of Avila is divided in two different styles: Romanesque and Gothic.

Avila Cathedral

Now that you have plenty of options, what Spanish cathedral will you visit this year?

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