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Rui Terroso CEO
Rui Terroso - CEO |

The Living Challenge


  1. The Customer is not a transaction, but a connection.

Let us make a customer not a sale. It's what lasts. Business is people and people are not computers, they are flesh and blood individuals who suffer, feel, cry, and get excited:


At Living Tours, we do not sell tours, but authentic experiences from people to people.


This is what sets us apart from the competition. If we only sell tours, it becomes vulnerable, because tours are services, and services are easy to copy and replace. If we offer an experience, it is not so easy to duplicate. Data shows the causes for which customers are lost are:

  • 5 percent, make friends with the competition;
  • 9 percent, chooses for lower prices;
  • 14 percent, to poor service quality;
  • 68 percent, unresponsiveness, and poor service.


Bad customers are lost by price, good customers are lost by service.


It is possible that a good service is not the only reason that leads the customer to choose a certain company, but it is guaranteed a bad service is a reason to stop doing so.



  1. You must find something you deeply love, are passionate, and that makes you will to be the best

On paper it is easy to understand, it is an equation of two variables: Passion and Commitment. The greater love you have for what you do, the better you will be doing it.


In any equation whose result is excellence, the main engine cannot miss: Passion. Putting passion at the service of the things we have in hand is giving them life and this is inevitably reflected in the quality of the result.


Only through passion is it possible to aspire to become a reference in any market.



The brand - the reputation a business has in the market - is the best guarantee to continue generating revenue, but building a brand is hard work: there are competition, problems, crises, and other inconveniences.


In addition, once reputation is achieved, it must be consolidated. Continue to work hard so the powder does not lose its shine. For this reason, one must feel passion for what one does, since it is difficult to become admirable in something, if one does not feel that passion.




  1. It is not possible to build an organization if we do not have people with different experiences and knowledge.

Homogeneity restricts and diversity adds. Which means you have to learn to listen, to treat people well - because it depends on them - to communicate and make them participants in the corporation's vision, its values and letting them know they are an important part of the organization's destiny , in order to achieve a total and authentic commitment.


People with excellent performance in their work are those who go beyond the strict and technical limits of their position, and this is possible when they feel part of something bigger than their job. Commitment and its consequence, excellence, are only possible under these conditions.


People want to be part of something bigger than themselves. They want to be part of something that really makes them feel proud, and they will fight and sacrifice because they believe.



  1. To grow with discipline. Innovators in our core business. Do not accept the status quo. Find new perspectives. Hire enthusiastic people.


Grow with discipline: We have a sense of what we do. Staying true to our values and never forgetting our Mission and Vision. Our authenticity must be present in all our growth and in everything we do.


Innovators in our core business: Adding value to our business on an ongoing basis. We always look for how to give more. Always be the best. Innovating as a habit is the best strategy to differentiate ourselves from the competition and ensure a position of sustainable competitive advantage in the market.


Do not accept the status quo: because that puts us within the average, and those who are average never win.


Finding new perspectives: Creativity is not optional, because that's where differentiation is born. And for that we must open our minds. Instead of judging, accept as a possibility.



We hire people full of enthusiasm and not people who know everything: This attitude and tendency to work is what makes one resolute facing difficulties, which makes them never stop learning to continue to improve, to work in a harmonious team work and, in short, having a winning mindset. Without a team, great achievements are not possible.



  1. Sales treat everything. To sell always, always, always.

Life is about selling. You know you are doing things well when you are making sales or if you are selling or losing.


Without customers there is no business and without business there is no livelihood. Nothing happens until a sale happens.


Selling is the essential element of any business. Sell: always, always, always.


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