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Rui Terroso - CEO |

Solidary Box

This cause is focused in helping our local communities.

We have two solidarity boxes in our facilities where you can dispose:

• 2nd hand clothes, toys or other useful objects for families.

• Goods.


With donations from Livingtourianos and Living Tours, we regularly donate the goods to local solidarity institutions and the food bank against hunger.

Livingtourians and Living Tours, regularly donates the goods to local solidarity institutions and Banco Alimentar (“Food Bank Hunger Institution”) to help feed people in need. 






Local Institutions recognized by Porto City Hall:


Institution name:


Why donate?

Helping others is not only good for those in need or a good thing to do, but it also helps us to be happier and healthier. Contributing connects us to others, creating stronger communities and help to build a happier society for everyone.


The act of giving promotes the transformation for the better of society, institutions and, especially, people. By realizing the needs of others and doing something to compensate them, we become more integrate and just.


Giving goes far beyond “transferring an amount for free”, donating is an act of denial, commitment, and love for others.

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