Lisboa · 

We are in the Harvest season from North to South of the country! In the previous article, we went to the Douro Valley to discover the traditions of this important season for the Durians. Today, we are going to focus on the harvest that takes place, in parallel, in the Tagus Valley.


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Porto · 

We are at the beginning of September, the long-awaited harvest season in the Douro. It is undeniable that these days are the most special for lovers of the Douro Valley.


Today, discover all the highlights here!

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Sevilha · 

The month of August is ending, but the Summer continues with plenty of sun, warmth and a good mood to relax. In September, Spain is one of the most popular countries for holidays, as it has a very varied offer and is easily adapted to all types of tourists.


Today, we have listed the best destinations in Spain to visit in September. Adventure!

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Madrid · 

Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic Islands of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. Paradisiacal sceneries, waters of a breathtaking blue and a climate that makes us want to never return to our starting point.


Discover the best beaches in Menorca!

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best activities madeira island

With a wide and varied offer of tourist attractions, Madeira Island is one of the most desirable destinations in Europe. An island that is born of an engaging combination between mountain and beach. Difficult is knowing where to start!

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Porto · 


Once in Portugal, it is impossible to escape to the Rooster of Barcelos (Galo de Barcelos). Present in ceramics, fridge magnets,history-rooster-barcelos key rings, tablecloths and in all typically Portuguese restaurants, it is one of the greatest symbols of the country. But do you know why?



Find here the story of the Rooster of Barcelos!

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seven cities lake

Açores · 

Those shades of colors in the waters of the Seven Cities Lake arouses curiosity. Although science provides an explanation for this phenomenon, there is a legend that justifies the blue and green colors of the lagoon. Let's discover it!

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Lisboa · 

Lisbon and Porto are the two most populous, developed and famous cities in Portugal. Dispensing presentations, Lisbon and Porto are two destinations filled with traditions, stories, unique beauties, energy and lots of movement.


For those who have not visited any of the cities or know little of them, there are questions that hang in the air. What are the differences between the two cities? Find out everything about Capital and Invicta!

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Lisboa · 

When you think of Portuguese sweets, Pastel de Nata or Pastel de Belém is one of the first specialties that come to mind. The famous pies are the most popular sweets in the country and are delicious both hot and cold.


But do you know the difference between the Pastel de Nata and the Pastel de Belém? Today we went to look for the answers...

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Barcelona · 

The Fiestas de Gracia is considered the biggest street festival in Barcelona and we have a lot to tell you! They take place between August 15 and 21, in Barrio Gràcia, which gets covered in immense colors, patterns, and dressings.


It will be one of the best experiences of your life!

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