what to do in evora

Évora · 

Right in the entry of this mysterious chapel covered by bones, we find the remainder of the vulnerability of human life. This is without a doubt, one of the most famous monuments in Évora. This place is always crowding with tourists, is this because there is a kind of fascination for the sinister?

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morocco tea

Marrocos · 

Morocco is considered one of the world's largest tea consumers, but it is in the north of the country that you will feel the mint aroma in the air, the main ingredient for one of the most consumed beverages. May we invite you to find out this tea recipe? Refusing is almost an offense!

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Madrid · 

Today we will discover the tastiest side of Spain!


Certainly, we have all tasted and loved the delights of Spanish cuisine. From tortillas, paella or tapas, many are the most typical flavors that can not be missed on a visit to Spain. In this article, we will explore the Spanish churros. Perfect for cold days... like the ones that are here now!

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Porto · 

Aveiro is undoubtedly one of the most unforgettable cities in Portugal. In addition to being famous for its Ria that crosses the whole city, Aveiro is also notable for the colorful Moliceiro boats and the beautiful Art Nouveau buildings. Whether you've already visited the city or are planning to do so soon, this article is especially dedicated to you.


Today, we will unveil what to do in Aveiro!

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port wine curiosities

Porto · 

A wine that borns in the undulating vineyards of the Douro Valley makes Portugal be the talk of the town. More than a delightful taste, Port wine has a story to tell that includes best-kept secrets!

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Porto · 

In Portugal we have destinations for all seasons, from golden beaches to picturesque villages in the interior, and Is there a better way to enjoy the fall weekends than with a walk in the mountains?


Discover here 3 suggestions of magical mountain landscapes to visit on colder days.

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sex valencia history

Valencia · 
Valencia, the birthplace of the most typical food of all Spain, the Paella! But the story of this city is not just about its fantastic gastronomic flavors, there is a more daring side of this, a sexier side! Discover the darkest secrets of Valencia!
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Lisboa · 

As there are numerous types of tourists, there are also different motivations to visit a city. If some people prefer to travel to rest, others choose to strengthen their culture and knowledge. However, it is certain that the museums are one of the most important parts of a city, being an object of a great tourist interest.


Today, get to know the best museums in Lisbon and enjoy organizing a different plan.

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Lisboa · 

Find out what to do in Lisbon when it rains. There is no excuse: get off the couch, grab the jacket, get out of the house and discover all that Lisbon has to offer!


We leave a list of activities to do on a rainy day with those you love.

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free things to do barcelona

Barcelona · 
Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, a source of inspiration for renowned artists who have left here a vast legacy of art. Those who like modernism will undoubtedly love Barcelona! With so many options, we have created a list for tourists with a smaller budget, discover the best free museums in Barcelona!
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